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A set of basic features summarize the climate of the region: hot Summers, mild Winters and short rainfall, concentrated in the Autumn and the Winter.
Rainfall is mainly concentrated betwen October and February, and is often torrential in character. Annual averages are less than 600 mm in much of the coastline and the Guadiana Valley, and surpass 800 mm in the Serra do Caldeirao and 1000 mm in the Serra de Monchique. In the coastal region there are 5 dry months, and between June and September rain is very infrequent.

March and April have occasional rain, but mainly sunny, warm days 18-20º with cool evenings.

One of the climatic characteristics of the Algarve is the existence of long, hot and dry Summers. From mid-May rain is unusual, and long sunny days and light warm evenings are the norm.
June is a dry month,with rainfall averages less than 10mm and average temperatures ranging between 16ºC and 26º.
July and August are the hottest two months and dry year. Rain is an infrequent event. Average temperatures vary between 17/19ºC and 28/30ºC.
September is still Summer. Temperatures oscillate between 16/18ºC and 26/29ºC. Sometimes the first rains of Autumn may occur at the end of Sptember; for this reason, this month's average rainfall is around 15mm.

The first rains after Summer, which occur regularly during the month of October, characterize the early Autumn. After the fall of the first rains, the days are still able to stay warm, but nights begin gradually getting fresher. Sometimes, weeks of sunshine occur, which have plenty of light. it's called "Summer of Saint Martin'. Occasionally the Summer conditions extend during the month of October.
In October temperatures vary between 13/16ºC and 23/25ºC. The rains that fall for this month are often torrential in character: during just one day can be rolled up a substantial part of the total rainfall of the month, following several days of sunshine and clear skies.
October average rainfall is around 45/70 mm. 
November is the second wettest month of the year, with an average rainfall of around 75/90mm, concentrated mostly in a few days.
Temperatures fall slightly during this month, varying betwen 10/12ºC - 18/21ºC.

The unmistakable Algarve Winter can be briefly characterized by three adjectives: short, rainy and mild.
January is the month with less high temperatures in the year: as a general rule these vary between 6/8ºC - 15/17ºC. Average rainfall is around 70/80mm.
In February temperatures begin gradually rising and at the end of this month the Spring conditions start to be felt.  Temperatures range from 7/9ºC and 16/18ºC and average rainfall is around 45 to 70mm. Wild flowers and almond blossom are beautiful at this time of year.

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