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What are COOKIES?

Cookies are small text files containing a set of information (see below) that are stored in the browser of the device used to access a particular website when visiting it.

What are cookies for?

The stored details are related to your browsing preferences, not including personal data that you have allow their identification. Among the information that can be analysed through cookies is the Internet Protocol (IP) address, operating system and browser, version, pages of our site you have viewed, the date, time and duration of that visit, and so on.

Details recorded by cookies are forwarded to the server hosting the website each time the browser accesses it.

Cookies allow a site to customize the information presented to you based on your preferences. Clube Alvor Férias also uses cookies to track and analyse visits to our site. To that end, you have installed the Google® Analytics service, a third-party service, which processes non-personal data from navigation (

The information collected helps us optimize site content, navigation, layout, and performance so that we can provide better service.

What types of cookies are there?

Cookies belong to two groups: session and permanent. The first, as the name implies, being of session, are temporary, has no expiration date, being in the browser only until leaving the site, being deleted when the user quits the browser. The permanent seconds are stored on the device until they are deleted or expiration of its expiration date.

As noted, under no circumstances will we store in your cookies information that identify your personal identification. Similarly, we do not use cookies as a way of showing you advertising.

How to manage cookies?

You may choose not to receive cookies or manage cookies by accessing your browser settings, usually found on the “Options”, “Preferences”, “Advanced” or “Help” tab, for example. However, this may result in loss of site functionality.

More information

For any questions regarding this Cookie Policy and related matters, or to make a complaint, please contact:

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