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Food and Drink

Algarve gastronomy

Rich Gastronomy

Algarve gastronomy goes back to historical times the Roman and the Arabic presence. The ingredients used reflect the fresh flavours of the sea and pleasant and strong aromas of the country.

The famous “rice with razor clams” from Faro, beautiful sardines grilled in Portimao and Dom Rodrigo “sweets” from Lagos are all delicious to taste. The village of Monchique stands out in this chapter because it is known for pig farming. There are a variety of sausages made with pork and hams. The Algarve is also known for producing brandy and liqueurs. Examples being “Medronho” made from a red berry, Almond liqueur and Fig liqueur.


Below is a list of some typical dishes:

  • Scaled horse mackerel
  • Cataplana (clams, spiced sausage and tomatoes cooked in a sealed, clam shaped, copper pan)
  • Mutton leg casserole
  • Pork with clams
  • Cockles, Pork and maize mash
  • Peas with eggs, Algarve style
  • Stewed partridge
  • Fried rabbit
  • Stake with garlic
  • Grilled pork seasoned with olive oil, garlic, parsley and vinegar, Monchique style
  • Cold “gazpacho” soup made from peppers, cucumber and tomatoes
  • Steaming bowl of chick peas
  • Stuffed squid, Algarve style
  • Octopus in the oven with spare ribs
  • Tuna steak with tomatoes
  • Broad beans, Algarve style
  • Chicken soup with cockles
  • Cold garlic “gazpacho”



  • Sweets
  • Dom Rodrigo
  • Colchao de noiva
  • Layers of dried figs, ground almonds cinnamon and chocolate
  • Gargantas de Freira
  • Bolo Tacho
  • Meat pies
  • Portuguese fried sweets
  • Almond paste together with sugar is molded into various delightful designs of small fruits and animals
  • Folar
  • Egg white pie
The apartment was large, very clean and had everything we needed for our stay. The hotel staff were friendly, welcoming and happy to help with any questions. The pool is exceptionally clean and well maintained with enough sunbeds to go around, although I would imagine it could be difficult at peak times.

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